Thursday's Top Tweets

We're still talking about health care?

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Real Clear Politics White House reporter Mike Memoli, reporting on Obama's trip to Iowa City, invokes the Spirit of '08:

The enigmatic West Wing Report keeps a keen eye on the crowds:

The AP's White House correspondent Phil Elliot sums up Obama's newfound legislative swagger in less than 140 characters:

David Waldman of Daily Kos revisits the rhetoric of reconciliation:

Foreign Policy's Marc Lynch ponders the last meager arguments against health care reform:

In the wake of post-reform violence, the National Review's Jim Geraghty gives his followers a history lesson:

David Waldman parodies conservative fear in the face of a historic Obama victory:

Breaking from other journo's marathon health care tweeting, Eschaton mastermind Duncan Black reminds us what's really important in a leader:

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