Rosa DeLauro and Hipsters

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"Hipster" isn't a phrase you'd use to describe Rep. Rosa DeLauro, who represents the 3rd congressional district in Connecticut, encompassing New Haven, the vast majority of New Haven country, and small sections of Middlesex County and Fairfield County. However, it is a phrase you would use to describe Wesleyan University, nestled in the corner of DeLauro's district in Middletown, CT. Known for its history of social and political activism, Wesleyan is also known for its hipster music scene, serving as the birthplace of young acts including 2005 grads MGMT, singer-songwriter Santigold, and recent emerging stars like Das Racist and Francis and the Lights.

So what do Rosa DeLauro and Wesleyan University have in common, apart from electoral geography? According to self-described "writer, comedian, actor, and hip-hop artist" Travis Helwig, the two share hipster sensibilities. Thanks to "Rosa DeLauro Is A Fucking Hipster," a parody offshoot of the simultaneously loved and reviled "Look At This Fucking Hipster," Rep. DeLauro can now claim to share a label with some of her younger constituents.

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