Quote of the Day: Penn Jillette Anxiously Embraces 'Old' Age

55 isn't old, but Jillette would still like some pie

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"I can't really go for the youngest anything anymore -- the president of the United States is younger than I am! Now, I have to go for being the oldest at things, and I'm starting to do that. I had a really bad ear infection recently, and the doctor had to put in a tube so my ear could drain. When I went to the hospital for the procedure, the other patients were all under 4 years old. So, I was the oldest brave little fellow getting a tube in his ear that morning. The nurse offered us all lollipops afterward. I took a purple one. They didn't have pie."

--Penn Jillette, the "louder, bigger half" of magic-comedy duo Penn and Teller, in the Los Angeles Times. Jillette recently turned 55.
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