NYT Deprived Us of Two Governors!

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Barely two years after Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace, New York looks set to lose yet another governor to scandal. David Paterson, like Spitzer, was the target of a massive New York Times scoop that won the newspaper applause. But on Monday Newser columnist Michael Wolff turns the cannon back on the Gray Lady:

It is the New York Times who helped force Spitzer, the elected governor, out of office and made possible the various calamities of the unelected next governor. And it is the Times that has now made it impossible for Paterson to do his job--even if, in fact, he was competent enough to do it.

Many have celebrated the Spitzer and Paterson exposés as brilliant investigative journalism--a service performed for the public. But Wolff argues that "from almost any reasonable measure, we are now in a significantly worse-off position then we were before the New York Times turned its attention on the governor's office." He casts suspicion on the real "story behind the story" of why the newspaper "came to dispose of two governors."

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