Morning Vid: Jon Stewart's Epic, 15-Minute Glenn Beck Lampoon

More props than ever before

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Jon Stewart is no stranger to the Glenn Beck parody. The Comedy Central host ran a mocking, Beck-themed segment in November ("Something is wrong with Glenn Beck's colon") and regularly kneecaps the Fox News pundit.

But none of Stewart's past Beck spoofs compare with his 15-minute, camera-shifting, blackboard-spinning takedown. Without any lead-in, the Comedy Central host solemnly kicked things off with an unmistakable intro:

I'm glad you tuned into today's show. It's an important one. One that you and your family can't afford to miss. Well you could miss it... but if you miss it, you'll die.

From there, Stewart launched into an anti-progressive tirade worthy of Beck at his best. There was emotion throughout, especially when Stewart whispered "I promised myself I would cry today." There were multiple props, including an extended analysis of the words "conservative" and "libertarian". And throughout the segment, Stewart unleashed his off-color versions of Beck's dire pronouncements, including "in my America, nobody tells people when they can masturbate."

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