Monday's Top Tweets

Glenn Greenwald on "adult naughty parts," Chris Hayes on a Glenn Beck photo for the ages, and more

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ABC News' Jake Tapper captures Obama's Ohio health-care appeal as it happens.

jaketapper POTUS in intros. When he gets to Kucinich man in audience yells "Vote yes!" POTUS asks him to repeat it. "Hear that, Dennis?" POTUS says.

The Nation's Chris Hayes admires an elegant piece of visual shorthand.
chrislhayes This is a near-perfect photo. Just captures everything:

Salon's Glenn Greenwald and The American Prospect's Adam Serwer trade quips about Ross Douthat's moral code.
ggreenwald Douthat moral theory: nothing is a clear moral wrong (not wars of aggression or torture) - unless it involves adult naughty parts
AdamSerwer @ggreenwald then Abu Ghraib would count, it's got to involve adults enjoying their "naughty parts"

Blue Virginia's Lowell Feld marvels at the ever-more-extreme beliefs of Virginia's attorney general Ken Cuccinelli.
lowkell Cooch: Climate Change Denier, Gay Basher...Birther!

And finally, Adam Serwer is of two minds about a questionable WaPo headline.

AdamSerwer Can't decide whether this is a damn shame or a hot mess.
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