Lady Gaga: Puppet of Illuminati Mind Control

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AUTHOR: The Vigilant Citizen (anonymous to prevent Illuminati infiltration)

ALLEGATION: Lady Gaga is a pawn of the Illuminati and a peddler of the occult. Her music video "Telephone" is a brazen attempt at recruiting teenagers into mind control programs.

LENGTH: 2263 words


THE AWL'S GAGA PIECE, BY COMPARISON: 2468 words, 9 screen shots

LADY GAGA IS: "A mind-controlled drone who kills people"

TELEPHONE VID IS ABOUT: "Ritual murder of average Americans in a diner by mind-controlled slaves" and "mind control, a covert practice used by the military, the CIA, religious cults and the Illuminati elite. It is used to program human beings to become mental slaves and to execute specific tasks."

LYRICAL EVIDENCE: "By 'kinda busy', Gaga means she has dissociated from reality. Real life is calling her brain but she 'has no service', she's not there. Gaga is not thinking or talking for herself anymore, her head and her heart have been dissociated from her core personality due to [Illuminati/CIA] Monarch programming."

DINER SCENE: "Does this represent the Illuminati elite poisoning the masses with toxic media?"

ON THE SUNGLASSES: "Mickey Mouse ears or designs often occultly refer to mind control , probably because Disney films were known to be used on MK slaves during their programming."

BEYONCE'S ROLE: "Beyoncé and Gaga’s poisonous honey is actually their music and videos, which are served to the general public through mass media"

LEGITIMATELY CLEVER KICKER: "Am I reaching you or is your telephone busy?"

OTHER GAGA CRIMES: Lady Gaga is Sarah Palin, Fox News calls for Gaga ban, Lady Gaga is a man, Rush Limbaugh loves Gaga, "makes me want to gag-gag"

ON THEORIES GAGA IS A HERMAPHRODITE: "I've never really cared about those gossipy rumors so I won’t elaborate on them."

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