Joshua Green: What I Read

The Atlantic's Joshua Green explains his Media Diet

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I wake up at 7am or so and check my Blackberry, which you’re required to do if you live in Washington. That’s how I get my morning news. Big fan of the morning briefings: Politico’s Morning Money, Mike Allen’s Playbook, NBC’s First Read, and also AOL Politics and Daily Caller. I could pretend this is because I’m a tech-forward early adopter, but it’s really because my three-year-old thinks it’s hilarious to fling oatmeal at her dad while he’s reading the paper. The Blackberry lets me be more nimble.

I used to subscribe to the print Post and the WSJ, but quit the Post because they couldn’t manage to deliver it consistently, and I usually read the Journal at work. Like a Type-A Washington stereotype, I read my Blackberry in the car, while stuck in traffic. I check out and and a bunch of blog RSS feeds: Talking Points MemoPolitical WireKausfiles, and—until recently, anyway—the Atlantic's all-star roster of bloggers. I say “until recently” because, like Jack Shafer, I am a hardened exponent of the full-text RSS feed. The Atlantic blogs used to be full text, but after the recent redesign are not (I’m told this is temporary). If I have to click through to a website, I won’t read it.
At work I dive right into arcane policy analysis—aah, no I don’t. I read more blogs. I start off with sports and work my way up to politics. I’m the Boston Globe sport section’s most devoted online reader: Extra BasesChad Finn, even Bob Ryan’s overly loud video debates. I watch ‘em all. Also, and MLB Trade Rumors. When I’ve had my fix, I head over to Atlantic Wire to see what’s breaking, and usually follow those links. Then I check out the media blogs—RomeneskoGawkerFishbowl DC. Then the Atlantic’s website. Throughout the day I read NY Times, SlateWSJ. At lunch, usually at my desk, I’ll watch clips of the previous night’s Daily Show or Colbert, or else video. If Bill Simmons has a column, that’s a lunch right there.
During the day, when I’m away from my desk, it’s RSS blog feeds and Twitter. I know you’re supposed to use Twitter for breaking new, etc., etc., but I just can’t bear it. I subscribe to Ambinder, but use it mostly for entertainment. Some guys I went to college with are comedy writers in LA, so my Twitter feed is mostly them and their friends. (Right now I’m partial to “Family Guy” writer and Conn College alum, Alec Sulkin).

Weekday afternoons, I read print mags. I prefer The Atlantic’s print version, so I read that. Also New York Review of Books, National Journal, New Republic, American Prospect. On Sunday mornings, I used to get the Weekly Standard and the New Yorker hand delivered—the greatest perk in journalism. I’d read them cover to cover, religiously. The New Yorker either cut that perk or deemed me unworthy, because it stopped arriving. I get it in the mail, but usually two weeks late, so I end up missing a lot of it.

When I get home, I keep sneaking peeks at my Blackberry, like a sick addict, until the disapproving looks from my wife become too much to bear.
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