Is Avatar's Sex Scene Oscar-Worthy?

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The critics agree: Avatar is a paragon of masterful visual effects, cinematography and film editing. But what about the understated sex scene? The Daily Beast's Asra Nomani is quite taken with it. She--or the Daily Beast editors--calls it "award-worthy." How come? She says James Cameron's depiction of tantric sex was spot on.

In Avatar, the sex scene took me back to the erotic Tantric sandstone temples I visited almost a decade ago in the northern Indian village of Khajuraho. Built by Hindu kings of the Chandel Empire from the 10th to the 12th centuries, the most notorious of the temples have images of divine, carnal acts carved around the highest points of their exterior walls. For Tantric scholars and historians, the iconography celebrates the highest possibility of sexual union, captured in the mating ritual in Avatar.

Does the scene deserve high praise, and perhaps even an award? The cast of SNL have their own take on the scene:

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