ESPN Writer: Olbermann Lonely, 'Unlikable'

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Keith Olbermann has engaged in more than his share of pitched battles lately. The MSNBC host has called Mediaite gullible, told Texans to evolve, and unleashed a titanic takedown of Scott Brown.

Olbermann's latest target: ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, who recently opined that Tiger Woods' comeback would be harder than Muhammad Ali's. An irked Olbermann--a former host of ESPN's SportsCenter--took umbrage on his blog, writing a pointed rebuttal and adding an incendiary personal attack.

If the writer can let me know when Woods is punitively drafted by the military even though he is about eight years older than almost all the other draftees, I'll begin to take him seriously. In the interim I am again left to marvel how somebody can rise to a fairly prominent media position with no discernible insight or talent, save for an apparent ability to mix up a vast bowl of word salad very quickly.

Simmons' response was blunt and potent. "KO, please know the feeling is mutual," he tweeted. "You're my worst case scenario for my career in 12 yrs: a pious, unlikable blowhard who lives alone." Still not satisfied, Simmons added: "I feel bad about saying Olbermann lives alone. I forgot about his cats."

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