Could Health Care Reform Ruin Movies?

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Could health-care reform ruin tearjerker Hollywood movie plots? Vanity Fair's John Lopez thinks so:

Now that 32 million more Americans have coverage, Hollywood has lost an essential plot device that could bring drama and tension to even the most meandering indie film: crippling medical expenses. The consequences will be far-reaching and catastrophic. American films will devolve into the story-less, indulgent drivel that's plagued European cinematheques for years, and middle-aged actress in search of a career-defining performance will all be forced to play jaded strippers.

For example: a better health care system would remove much of the draw of As Good as It Gets, Domino, Erin Brokovitch, Sicko, and Repo Men, says Lopez.

Clearly, he's not being entirely serious, and neither are we. Calling this a "good" question is a stretch--but it's a fascinating one. And here's the corollary: in passing health care reform, has Obama managed to transform American art, making us more like Europe than even the Tea Partiers realized? Has the president doomed us to French cinema?

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