Best Tweets: Thursday CBO Edition

Ezra Klein says it best: "Set phasers to wonk"

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The Congressional Budget Office released its assessment of the health care plan today. In a matched pair of tweets, Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein captured the widespread mood of geeky excitement:

CBO score is out: Ready, set, WONK!

Alternatively: CBO score is out: Set phasers to wonk.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow found the reaction of the Twitterverse unexpectedly stirring:

Is it weird that CBO being a trending topic makes me feel patriotic?

Politics Daily conservative contributor Matt Lewis gave play-by-play of Rush Limbaugh's grassroots push to flood Capitol Hill's phone bank with complaints.

#Rush on the leaked CBO score: "It's a giant PR scam... designed to get everybody's a fraud...
#Rush says CBO score "is about depressing you ... making you give create momentum where it doesn't exist."
#Rush to audience: "You keep calling. There is no reason to stop the intensity."
#Rush encouraging audience: "If (Dems) were a well-oiled machine, this would have been passed last August."

But The American Prospect's Adam Serwer offered what may or may not be a veiled response:

Second most-amusing moment of the day so far is dejected Republicans running to the gospel of Rush Limbaugh for comfort

We're not sure what Daily Kos editor David Waldman is on about here, but it seemed wrong to let it pass without comment:

I have HAD it with all the motherf*cking #BREITBARTOCALYPSES on this motherf*cking plane!
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