Best Tweets: Stray Rounds Edition

Duck and cover!

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Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, a bullet struck a window in a building in Richmond where Representative Eric Cantor has a campaign office. At a press conference a few days later, Cantor said he believed the bullet was meant as a threat to him, part of a recent rash of threats and vandalism directed at legislators. A police report on the incident, though, concluded that it was probably a stray round and had nothing to do with Cantor.

Blogger Miles Grant had some fun with the ascendant "Cantor Tall Tales" meme:

Snowmageddon was an attack on Eric Cantor. The rest of us were innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. #CantorTallTales

Virginia writer Ben Tribbett doesn't think we should throw stones--so to speak.

I'm still shocked that people are mocking Cantor- as if he personally knew how to measure the angle of a bullet when they found it on ground

In other news: The pope has had a rough week, but Brian Beutler can sympathize.

Who among us hasn't been a Hitler youth, led the Munich diocese, shielded a pedophile priest, and climbed into the papacy?

Meanwhile, in the course of following the START negotiations, Reason editor Dave Weigel has a Billy Pilgrim moment.

Russia and the US signing a nuke treaty? HAS THE HOT TUB TIME MACHINE ALREADY SENT US INTO THE 1980S???!!?

And David Waldman continues to make Mike Godwin proud.

You know who else negotiated the global reduction of weapons of mass destruction? HITLER!

Finally, in case you missed it: Glenn Greenwald, Matt Yglesias, and Ezra Klein, all esteemed members of our own Atlantic 50, had an epic tripartite shouting match last night. Points of contention included health care reform, whether it's useful for the left to criticize progressive policy, and whether Greenwald has ever read his own blog.

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