Best Tweets: Slow News Day Edition

Is there a "watching paint dry" hashtag?

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Some days, the Twittersphere runneth over with pithy barbs and insightful quips. Other days... not so much. Hot Air's Allahpundit sums it up, while at the same time getting You Never Give Me Your Money stuck in our heads:

allahpundit: But oh, that magic feeling -- nothing to blog

Eschaton's Duncan Black takes advantage of the relative quiet to draft a mini-Sarah Palin biography.

Atrios: occasional reminder: palin lost the election then quit her job.

On the eve of April Fool's Day, David Weigel alludes to a bit of Breitbart bile from last month:

daveweigel: If @thinkprogress doesn't change its name to Big Podesta tomorrow, I'll be sad.

Eying a beloved D.C. institution, Cato Institute fellow and intellectual man-about-town Will Wilkinson takes the gloves off.

willwilkinson: Real talk: The food at Ben's Chili Bowl isn't very good.

Not a fan of ABC's Lost? Jake Tapper has nothing to say to you.

jaketapper: doing the offshore drilling spot for World News and being dragged onto graphics island....waiting for sign-off by smoke monster
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