Alfred E. Neuman Dumps Obama

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Mad-magazine icon Alfred E Neuman is no bosom buddy to conservatives. In 2008, the grinning, gap-toothed boy was depicted cowering in a bathroom stall to escape the clutches of Republican Senator Larry Craig. (Craig was arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport restroom.) In the first issue of 2010, the Mad Magazine staff honored Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Dick Cheney as three of the "20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things" of the previous year.

But all is forgiven with the latest issue, where Neuman is shown on the cover wearing a t-shirt showing his disappointment with Obama:

The Weekly Standard's Mary Katharine Ham has linked to it approvingly. Conservative blog Ace of Spades dryly notes, "Mad Magazine notices that Obama is unpopular."

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