'The Shining' = Confession to Moon Landing Hoax

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AUTHOR: Jay Weidner on his blog

THESIS: Director Stanley Kubrick staged the moon landing

TWIST: Kubrick confesses as much through secret messages embedded in 1980 film The Shining (trailer above)

VIA: Jonah Goldberg, who calls it "two-fistfuls-of-fantastic"

UNNECESSARILY COMPLEX METAPHOR: Jack Nicholson's character is Stanley Kubrick, the hotel is America, the hotel management is NASA, etc.

WHY 'ALL WORK AND NO PLAY...' PROVES IT: "May I humbly suggest that the word 'All' in this repeated sentence actually stands for 'A11' that is: 'A-One-One', or Apollo 11?"

WHY THE TWINS PROVE IT: "Because the previous NASA missions before Apollo were named Gemini!"

WHY A SWEATER PROVES IT: "Danny is wearing a sweater with a crudely sewn rocket pictured on the front. On the rocket clearly seen on Danny's sweater are the words: APOLLO 11."

WHY A STRAY SHOT OF 7-UP CRATES PROVES IT: "Seven Apollo missions went to the moon, but only six landed. Six crates of 7-up."

WHY A KEY LABELED 'ROOM 237' PROVES IT: "Because the average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 237,000 miles."


UNRELATED COMMENT MADE IN PASSING: "Of course the Cold War is also one of the driving forces for the entire reason for faking the moon landings. It was necessary to hide the advanced U.S. saucer technology from the Soviet Union."

LET'S BE CLEAR: "This essay is the correct interpretation of Kubrick's The Shining"


It is time to shed the lies. But also it is time for the world to view, uncensored, Stanley Kubrick's greatest unknown masterpiece. I ask NASA to release all of the footage directed by Kubrick for the faked Apollo landings.

May I also suggest that NASA use the millions of dollars made from this surely successful movie release to fund another mission to the moon?

I mean it has only been 35 years!

Also - may I suggest a title for this new Kubrick film?

How about:

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