The Highlights of a Lame Super Bowl Media Day

Entertainment Tonight and Chad Ochocinco salvage a forgettable day at the annual Super Bowl media circus

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Small crowds due to the thinning newspaper business and an indoor setting due to expected bad weather turned Media Day at Super Bowl XLIV into a toned-down affair. The annual event, usually full of wacky questions and oddball characters, was dubbed "lame" by ESPN and "spectacularly uneventful" by Sports Illustrated. The questions were so vanilla that both ESPN and SportsUntapped posted "Questions We Wished Were Asked At Media Day" humor pieces.

Despite the overall blandness, there were a few comic diamonds in the rough, led by Chad Ochocinco's foray into journalism and the debut of 'Super Bowl Idol'.

  • Love the Super Bowl Shuffle? Entertainment Tonight delivered the 2010 version, showcasing several Colts and Saints players in its 'Super Bowl Idol' contest. Though official results have yet to be announced, ESPN reported Saints' tight end Tyler Lorenzen took home the coveted award.
  • Colts' coach Jim Caldwell took home the award for Most Educated Quote when he recited several lines from "Invictus", the William Ernest Henley poem quoted liberally in Clint Eastwood's recent movie with the same title. "In the fell clutch of circumstance/ I have not winced nor cried aloud/ Under the bludgeonings of chance/ My head is bloody, but unbowed."
  • No reporter in attendance created more buzz than Bengals' wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, who came with a crew of NFL players in the debut of the Ochocinco News Network. ONN's highlight came not from its reporting but from Ochocinco's Twitter feed, where he offered such gems as: "Please mainstream media don't be mad at me for doing the job you guys have failed to do correctly, giving the fans what they really want"
  • ESPN's John Banks wrested the Random Piece of Information Award from Colts punter Pat McAfee, who admitted he's worn the same $6 diamond earrings since high school.
  • Quote of the Day: Peyton Manning on Drew Brees' golf game: "He can bust it. He can flat-out pound it. I know he was incredibly long in college and I'm sure he is even longer now."
  • One more tweet from Ochocinco, this time in response to criticism from ESPN's First Take: "Man this media thing is really cool, for those hating on first take id be the reason you get fired if I wanted to work there. Child please"
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