O'Reilly Jabs Stewart Ahead of Prime-Time Rumble

The two cable show hosts square off tonight on The O'Reilly Factor. The Fox pundit draws first blood

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Bill O'Reilly's already talking smack ahead of his prime-time interview with Jon Stewart. On Fox News's Live with Megyn Kelly, O'Reilly said this is a "big night" for Stewart because "Hey, somebody will actually watch him." He also suggested Stewart needed the publicity: "[His people] called us." O'Reilly said he was "surprised" when Stewart reached out.

The last time the two crossed swords was in 2004 when Stewart was promoting his new book, America (The Book). The exchange was mostly sober, with O'Reilly needling Stewart for having an audience of "stoned slackers":

Brad Trechak at TV Squad thinks O'Reilly's got home court advantage. "It's likely that O'Reilly will be the winner of any political debate that occurs. After all, he controls the editing room." Other predictions for round two?

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