Morning Vid: O'Reilly Turns the Other Cheek to Limbaugh

Limbaugh mocks him for giving socialism a "fair shake"

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(Hat tip: Drew Grant)

Bill O'Reilly is increasingly styling himself the voice of moderation on Fox News. Which means he's on a crash course with the right's voice of purity, Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh's been needling O'Reilly for a while--back in 2008, he dismissed O'Reilly as a shallow TV newsman in a New York Times profile. Limbaugh mocked O'Reilly's scolding of the right for making personal attacks against Obama. More recently, Limbaugh imagined he would even "give socialism a fair shake." O'Reilly responded gently that he doesn't think Obama is a socialist, concluding "name calling gets us nowhere. Good solutions to complicated problems will rule the day."

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