Happy Hour Vid: Stephanopoulos's Leopard-Skin Birthday Surprise

The phlegmatic host goes beet red

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George Stephanopoulos is one of the straightest, most phlegmatic talking heads out there. He has been encouraged to lighten things up ever since he left his more traditional post at This Week to go to Good Morning America. On Thursday, his 49th birthday, the producers seem to have taken matters into their own hands.

His wife, actress Ali Wentworth, disguised herself as Diane Sawyer. After faking a few lines in character, she threw off a wig and stripped down to a leopard print shirt. She proceeded to gyrate suggestively and crawl across the news desk shouting "I love you, I shaved my legs and made you a steak. Happy birthday baby!"

The brief striptease succeeded in getting George to blush, winning some affectionate notes from bloggers:

  • Colby Hall at Mediaite writes: "To George’s credit, he played off of this somewhat odd and staged moment very well, though it did appear to be a complete surprise to him. And to Wentworth’s credit – she really went for it! It was not just a delightful insight into their marital dynamic, but a refreshing example of known personality playing the fool in the name of good, goofy fun. It appears that neither George nor Ali take themselves too seriously."
  • Ann Oldenburg at USA today asks,  "Did you see George Stephanopoulos turn bright red?"
  • Mattie writes: "If it was meant to embarrass him – she succeeded. His face was beet red and he couldn’t stop laughing in a nervous what is she going to do next way."
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