Everyone Hates NBC's Olympic Tape Delay--Including NBC

A disgruntled athlete, to be more precise

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For those who watch the Olympics--for which there are good reasons for and against--there's been one huge frustration: NBC's tape delay. The Peacock network has been airing footage of events three to 12 hours after they take place.

Disgruntled pundits and sports fans have been ripping into the network. The Seattle Times' Ron Judd says he's getting "buried by e-mail" and "swamped" with hundreds of calls by outraged viewers. A local media company has taken a poll in which 91 percent of nearly 4,000 respondents say the delay is "ridiculous."

But the most humorous expression of disgust occurred today--on NBC's very own Web site. Tweeting from Vancouver, U.S. skier Jake Zamansky said he couldn't "wait to see how bad NBC covers ski racing today." Then, automatically, nbcolympics.com surfaced Zamansky's tweet--displaying it prominently on the site. Fortunately for us, Deadspin's Tommy Craggs noticed and captured a screenshot:

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