Tiger's Wife Moves Out

Gossip blogs add to the list of transgressions, so Elin takes a hike

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Tiger Woods's fans aren't the only ones appalled by continued revelations of his multitudinous "transgressions." Gossip blogs are of course shooting for the moon at this point, with some guessing the number of mistresses goes as high as 12. On Monday afternoon, Radar Online reported that following "numerous women coming forward", Tiger's Swedish model wife and the mother of his children, Elin, had moved out of their Florida home and into a nearby residence. Her departure follows days of rumors that the couple were intensely renegotiating their pre-nuptial agreement to entice Elin to stay in the marriage, with Tiger paying $5 million up-front for the trouble of the affairs and $75 million if she remains his wife for just two more years. There have been few reports on what Elin would receive were she to walk today. Gossip bloggers are having a field day:

  • Andrea Reiher, Zap 2 It: "We think the number of women coming out of the woodwork to allege they've been sleeping with Tiger Woods is getting ridiculous -- Elin Nordegren agrees and has moved out."
  • Ani Esmailian, Hollyscoop: "Do you think Tiger and Elin will reconcile? There's still a lot more mistresses we haven't heard from so we don't blame Elin for leaving."
  • Perez Hilton: "It doesn't sound like they're going to work it out after all and why should she want to?!This is probably the beginning of their end!"
  • Ann Marie Hourihane, Irish Times: "It is no fun for Mrs Woods, who is reportedly renegotiating the pre-nuptial agreement so that she can get about $300 million (€200 million) of her husband’s fortune without having to spend 10 years in the marriage first, as was allegedly agreed in the original document. But it is fantastic fun for the rest of us."
  • Gossip Girl, The Cleveland Leader: "Elin may be legitimately mad. Actually, there's no question about that. She is furious, as evidenced by Tiger's bizarre accident on Nov. 27 and the alleged fight beforehand. She wouldn't be chasing him down with a golf club if she was happy with now would she? So there may actually be two reasons behind her moving out of the house - one, because she can't stand the Cheetah, and two, because it may inspire him to offer up even more money in the re-negotiations."
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