Tiger's Laurels, Tiger's Divorce

Pundits try and grapple with Tiger "the athlete" and Tiger "the husband"

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Tiger Woods is having one hell of a week. As the Associated Press declares him the Athlete of the Decade, ABC News reports that his wife will file for divorce. "Divorce is 100 percent on," says a source close to Tiger's wife. On this seemingly paradoxical day, many commentators haven't quite reconciled the two developments. Here's how pundits are celebrating and denouncing the world's number one golfer:


  • A Victory for Post-Feminist America, writes Sheelah Kolhatkar at New York magazine: "Bravo, Elin Nordegren. It's about bloody time... Powerful men, from the White House on down, seem to think that they can do whatever they please and get away with it. We're living in a culture saturated with mistresses and interns, sexting and sex addiction, and a parade of stony-faced wives somehow putting up with it all. A woman demanding a divorce these days is almost as radical as keeping your maiden name was in the fifties, but Jenny and Elin's activist moves offer a glimmer of hope."
  • He's on His Own, writes Emily Kay at The Examiner: "Woods is virtually his own hostage. And, despite the fact that he brought all of this on himself with his reckless and selfish behavior, it is dispiriting for some fans to picture a humiliated, despondent Tiger Woods slumped over in a darkened room, drooling gruel down his chin. But his world now is what it is. Nordegren, for part, has no plans to stand by her man in the wake of allegations of serial cheating."


  • Tiger Earned It, writes Boyce Watkins at Black Voices: "While this might surprise some, it would have been incredibly illogical to give the award to anyone else. Tiger's decade was simply unmatched by any golfer in the history of the world. In fact, Woods' 56 PGA tour victories during the past decade were more than the entire career win total of every golfer in history, excluding the top four ever. In other words, the man is a stud (pun intended)."
  • A No Brainer, writes the Associated Press: "For 10 incomparable years, no one ruled a sportlike Woods. He won 64 tournaments, including 12 major championships. He hoisted a trophy on every continent where golf is played. And those 56 titles in one decade on the PGA Tour? Consider that only four of golf's greatest players won more in their entire careers. Even as a shocking sex scandal changed the way people look at Woods, the records he set could not be ignored."
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