Stephanopoulos Seals 'Good Morning America' Gig, Sets Off Shakeup at ABC

Industry observers worry that the network's game of musical chairs will hurt 'This Week' and other programs

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Triggering a chain reaction of job-swapping at ABC News, George Stephanopoulos is taking over for Diane Sawyer at Good Morning America. (Catch up on Wire coverage of pessimism about the switch here.) The formal announcement, slated for Thursday, already has industry observers worrying about the aftershocks for ABC's other programming. The biggest shoes to fill are at ABC's Sunday politics show This Week, which Stephanopoulos currently hosts. Here's how observers are projecting that ABC's reorganization will shake out:

  • Will Good Morning America Suffer? asks Michael Calderone at Politico: "No one doubts that George Stephanopoulos can rise before dawn, read all the major papers, and grill Robert Gibbs at the top of the 7 a.m. hour. But what if the morning's guest is the latest cast-off from 'Dancing with The Stars?'"
  • Will This Week Suffer? asks a blogger at Politicususa: "The question is: What happens to one of the most popular and informing Sunday Morning political talk shows? The former Clinton White House insider is, in my opinion the best Sunday morning host on television. He gets to the heart of the matter and is not afraid to ask the tougher questions that 'softball pitcher' David Gregory of 'Meet The Press' would even dream of asking."
  • This Week in Limbo Calderone, who's all over the ABC shakeup, writes: "The Sunday show change probably won't come at the same time. Indeed, there's expected to be a transition period while Stephanopoulos hosts both 'GMA' in New York and 'This Week' in DC, according to sources. However, that will only be temporary."
  • Who Will Takeover at This Week? Steve Krakauer at Mediate points to three contenders: "A likely candidate is Terry Moran. Of course, if it's Moran, ABC will have to announce what will happen to his vacant anchor seat at Nightline. Other options at This Week could be White House correspondent Jake Tapper... and Gwen Ifill, who was a possibility floated for the other recent Sunday morning opening, at Meet the Press."
  • ABC News Playing Musical Chairs Speaking with ABC insiders Chris Ariens at Media Bistro says that Juju Chang will takeover as Good Morning America new anchor, replacing Chris Cuomo--a decision that essentially came down to Chang's "chemistry" with Robin Roberts and Stephanopoulos. Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo, who lost his bid to replace Diane Sawyer, is being offered a co-anchor spot on 20/20, reports the Los Angeles Times. Worried he'll jump ship, "ABC executives hope to keep Cuomo at the network."
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