Politico's Sex Scooplet That Isn't

Have you heard of Monica Lewinsky?

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Politico gets grief (and attention) for its "win the morning" mentality of minute-by-minute, heavily-dramatized political mini-scoops. It may have gotten a little carried away on Thursday by breathlessly reporting the scandal that--wait for it --former President Bill Clinton once fooled around with an intern named Monica Lewinsky. Politico's Josh Gerstein and John Harris re-report many well-known, salacious details from the over-a-decade-old story.

They pegged it to an unconfirmed accusation that Clinton may have lied about the scandal. If there's one thing the Web does well, it's mocking people who embarrass themselves by trying too hard. The Politico backlash--this latest round of it, anyway--was swift and hilarious. The highlights include a rash of Twitter jokes about other hypothetical Politico "scoops."

  • Daily Kos chief Markos Moulitsas: "In honor of Politico, I think I'll have Daily Kos dredge up shocking re-revelations about Watergate."
  • Wonkette's Jim Newell: "While We’re Spiraling Downward, Why Not Just Re-Scandalize This Scanda? [...] Republican senators demand hearing over Bill Clinton’s rumored sexual relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky in 3…2…1…"
  • Conservative legal blogger William A. Jacobson: "Because We Do Not Live In Sufficiently Interesting Times"
  • Media Matters's Jamison Foser: "Apprently Politico thinks 'win the afternoon' means 'the afternoon of August 25, 1998'" (Foser also has a column savaging Politico's story)
  • AFP's Olivier Knox: "I'm going to call my band 'Totally Awesome Sorta Prurient Unsubstantiated Claim About An 11-Yr-Old Scandal.' Hmm? Oh, no reason."
  • Duncan "Atrios" Black: "I have confirmation that everyone who works for Politico has a thing for goats"

The Best (Fake) Politico Scoops:

  • Foreign Policy's Daniel Drezner: BREAKING: Columbus returns from "New World," claiming Earth is round -- but will Isabella, Church believe him?
  • Washington Independent's David Weigel: BREAKING: Aides to President Buchanan say he could have done more to avert Civil War.
  • TalkingPointsMemo's Brian Beutler: Christ's "Free loaves, fishes" program decried by GOP, food lobby as "job-killer."
  • 'LikeABaroness': BREAKING: Definitive military history declares Waterloo to be Bonaparte's "Waterloo"
  • Brooke Oberwetter: BREAKING: Jimmy Hoffa missing, feared dead.
  • The New Republic's Noah Green: BREAKING: No new invasions since Okinawa-is Truman dithering on Japan?
  • Weigel: BREAKING: Top Aztecs blast Montezuma for "failure of leadership."
  • Oberwetter: BREAKING: Valerie Plame is a SPY!!!
  • Torie Brazitis: BREAKING: Dog "May or May Not" Have Bitten Man; Investigation Continues
  • Weigel: BREAKING: Newly uncovered documents suggest Benedict Arnold "exhibited disloyalty."
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