Morning Vid: Max Baucus's Slurry Senate Speech

Was he drunk, sleepy, or just under-enunciating?

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Sen. Max Baucus enjoyed the limelight during an earlier stage in the long, tortuous health care debate. Since then he's receded from the public eye, until, of course, conservative bloggers got their hands on this video of Baucus slurring his speech in a tirade against Republicans:

While knows whether Baucus was tired, inebriated, or simply frazzled, that hasn't stopped it from becoming a political football. Is this a sign of health care fatigue?

  • Not Drunk, Just Right, insists Zennie Abraham in the San Francisco Chronicle. "Baucus was just plain tired and really angry. The product of long hours of debate against Republicans who just don't play fair at all. Baucus made a great point."
  • Tipsily Revealing His Real Feelings, argues John at Powerline. "I would say that he was drunk, but is an experienced drinker and was not terribly impaired. What is most interesting to me is how close he comes to articulating the Democrats' real complaint against Republican Senators: they are traitors to their class, i.e., the political class ... In Vino Veritas!
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