Marilyn Monroe Gets High

New footage of the buxom blonde smoking lights up the blogosphere

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In the pre-YouTube era, a starlet like Marilyn Monroe could relax, giggle, and smoke pot on camera without much worry. Now, 47 years after her death, a minute-long silent home video purportedly showing her enjoying a puff on a joint is taking off. The tape's creator, who remains anonymous, claims she provided her friend Marilyn with the drug and says it made her "giggly." Bloggers and twitter users were similarly tickled by Marilyn's newly discovered affinity for marijuana:

Blog Hits

  • Hasani Gittens, NBC San Diego: "Smoking hot. Marilyn Monroe’s latest movie may explain the blonde bombshell’s notoriously bubbly personality."
  • Don Surber, Daily Mail: "Some like it pot. Well, that does it. If marijuana was good enough for Marilyn Monroe than we should legalize it because she’s a celebrity."
  • Azaria Jagger, Gawker: "There's something appropriate about a video of Marilyn Monroe using drugs surfacing now, when a flock of Marilyn-worshipping floozies flip around Hollywood, leaving scandalous videos everywhere they go. So, pot or not, may the world raise a pipe to you, Marilyn, the original romantic trainwreck caught on film."
  • Perez Hilton: "You've never seen her like this before!…Who knew that Marilyn was a marijuana fan?"
  • Roberta Ferguson, Allie is Wired: "It’s not unusual for someone from that era to be smoking a joint, so it’s all good. Besides that, this woman had more class then than all of our Kardashians, Lohans, and Hiltons do combined."
  • Stuart Heritage, Heckler Spray: "This might come as a shock to you, so make yourself comfortable. Ready? Marilyn Monroe might have taken drugs. It’s shocking, we know. There was nothing to suggest that before. Not Marilyn Monroe’s well-established dependence on prescription medication, not the way Marilyn Monroe died because she took too many drugs. Nothing. This has come right out of the blue. We’re shocked. Shocked."

Twitter Tokes

  • RealReadio1041: "Marilyn Monroe caught smoking pot on film. If you had a 7 year itch you would do the same"
  • Joe Mande: "Marilyn Monroe used to blaze? I guess Some Like It Pot! Gentlemen Prefer Ganj! All About Cheeb! The Seven Year Spliff!"
  • Pennsylvania News: "Article Was Marilyn Monroe a stoner?: Gentlemen prefer bongs, but it appears that Hollywood's most famous blonde was content to pass the joint."
  • Victoria Young: "Marilyn Monroe still managed to look incredibly beautiful while sitting on the sofa smoking a joint!! What a woman!"
  • Celeb Meme, via Coed Magazine: "Talk about one lucky spliff."
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