Limbaugh Hospitalized, Spurring Bitter Partisan Fight

Bloggers on the right offer prayers and lash out at those lacking sympathy for the radio host

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Rush Limbaugh may now be recovering from his emergency trip to a Honolulu hospital, but the Internet war rages on. Upon hearing news of the talk radio host's rush to medical treatment for chest pains, the blogosphere erupted with prayers for the divisive right-wing media star, as well as some maledictions.

  • Testing God in 3...2...1... "Our buddies over at the Free Republic," snickers Gawker's Adrian Chen, "know how to save Rush LImbaugh: Internet prayer vigil! There are like 150 prayers already! Do you know what this means? Tonight could be the night we find out if God exists."
  • 'Left Ecstatic,' notes ZIP at the Weasel Zippers blog, aggregating some of the more explicit wishes for Rush Limbaugh's death while adding his own prayer for a recovery. He decides the "worst one of the night (so far)" is from calickizzle: "not only do I hope Rush dies, but I hope every #tcot drinks a bottle of cancer as well!" Responds calicizzle, not necessarily to Weasel Zippers, "every #tcot who danced a jig when Ted K. died & prayed that Sen. Byrd would die should STFU about libs & Rush."
  • Praying for Recovery "My prayers are with him, as I'm sure yours are," writes William Teach at Stop the ACLU, "unless you are a Typical Lefty." Dallas/Fort Worth radio host Mark Davis suggests all "say a little prayer and count our many blessings this New Year's Eve," while Rachel Maddow tweets "all best wishes to Mr. Limbaugh tonight, for a full and speedy recovery."
  • Praying for Irony "I hope," tweets JamesAskersJr, "Rush is saved by a black homosexual doctor w/questionable immigration status." Responding to this morning's news of the talk show host's condition, paul mooney adds, "Rush Limbaugh is 'Resting Comfortably' so he must have good health insurance."
  • Irony Already Here "While unfortunate," writes Andrew Nill at progressive Think Progress, "Limbaugh's hospital visit is rife with irony. The ailing radio show host was sent to the same medical center that a United Press International misidentified in an article published in 2008 as the facility in which President Obama was born." This, then, was the institution that sparked the so-called "birther" theories that, Nill notes, "Limbaugh then dedicated significant airtime to promoting."
  • Surprised Left Even Waited this Long to Get Ugly, law professor and popular blogger Ann Althouse remarks, noting it "took 12 comments before anyone at Politico" wished for Limbaugh's death. She picks up popular tweet from LDoren saying "the people calling for Rush Limbaugh to die are the same people who ask to control your healthcare," and adds her own response: "Rush Limbaugh has said on his show many times that once the government runs health care, there is a threat that life-or-death decisions will be made based on politics, and people will worry that if they criticize the government or espouse the wrong opinions decisions will go against them."
  • This Has Nothing to Do with Health Care Blogger Therswhiskey is bewildered by Ann Althouse. She is, he decides, "saying that under the Obama Plan, leftist blog commenters will be allowed to say who lives and who dies."
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