Glenn Beck: Tiger Woods = O.J. Simpson?

The conservative shock jock asks a bizarre "Christmas question"

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In 1995, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Simpson. In 2009, Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife with several blond women. Don't see the connection? Glenn Beck does. Here's what the Fox News anchor and radio host posed as his "Christmas question" for listeners to chew on:

Beck: Do you believe Tiger Woods may actually be O.J. Simpson?

Guest: Is it 12 now, is it a dozen women?

Beck: Is this guy turning into O.J. Simpson?

Guest: I think the thing with O.J. was the murder, wasn't it? I mean...

Beck: Well there was a woman taken to the hospital last night at O.J's, er I mean, I'm sorry, Tiger's house.

Guest: Nobody believes it was an assault.

Beck: I'm not saying it was an assault or anything else, I'm just., you know, Tiger, it's losing control here.

Beck's musings quickly became the topic of liberal and conservative comment boards. A slew of commenters called into question Beck's racial outlook:

  • It's precisely because the comparison makes absolutely ZERO sense, that we can draw from it that the connection Beck makes is simply based on race. And when you add to the fact that Beck has never compared white adulterers to OJ Simpson, how are we supposed ot think Beck came to his conclusion?
  • Althouse: My, what an interesting question. Tiger Woods and OJ Simpson. What do they have in common? Not that Glenn Beck is a racist or anything, there must be some other link.
  • Fire Dog Lake: Beck probably thinks his remark is humor and not racist….as if OJ is the only reference he could recall. Beck is crazy, as we all know.
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