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Tiger Woods's voracious appetite for womanizing is a secret no more. In the wake of his mysterious car accident, the world's best golfer pleaded for privacy, while bloggers brazenly continued to speculate about the details of his prenup agreement with Elin Nordegren. But as each new woman steps forward, columnists say the most unsavory aspect of the scandal is obvious: Tiger Woods's taste in mistresses--from Barbie look-alikes to tacky gold diggers--reveals something about his character too. Why some think Tiger's mistresses are as disappointing as they are plentiful:

  • What's With the Whole Barbie Thing? Eugene Robinson says Tiger "seems to have been bent on proving to himself that he could have any woman he wanted. But from the evidence, his aim wasn't variety but some kind of validation." Robinson, who called Tiger a "miracle worker" earlier this year for his performance on the golf course, is disappointed.
Woods appears to have bought into an 'official' standard of beauty that is so conventional as to be almost oppressive. His taste in mistresses leaves the impression of a man who is, deep down, both insecure and image-conscious -- a control freak even when he's committing 'transgressions.'
  • He Needed to Be Idolized At The Daily Beast, Tracy Quan says even call girls out-class Tiger's mistresses, who seem to be appearing out of the woodwork from every corner of the golfer's life to embarrass Tiger and stake a claim on his fortune. But Quan says call girls and prostitutes wouldn't have given Tiger what he craved. "Tiger, for reasons we can only begin to analyze, isn't turned on by safety and ethics, and who can blame him? Hanging out with sex workers isn't risky enough, from an emotional perspective--and professionals are unlikely to idolize him."
  • Man, Unbound At The Moderate Voice, Marc Pascal suggests that all men may commit the same indiscretions, with the same women, if they had the money and power that Tiger Woods does.
Tiger is a world-wide celebrity of mixed-race origin (Black & Asian) who has shown a strong sexual preference for natural and dyed blond women of Caucasian descent. Perhaps at his tender age, he didn't get all his philandering out of his system and he should have waited until he was over 40 to get married. Alternatively he just exemplifies the 'natural proclivities' in human nature when completely unrestrained by financial, social, technological, or ethical considerations.
  • Tiger Wanted To Be Serviced At The Daily Beast, Janice Min says "the occupations of the various mistresses du jour are revealing: club hostess, prostitute, and cocktail waitress-turned-reality-show star. They are the ultimate service-industry women for men accustomed to being served and serviced." And Min says Tiger is no different.
  • He (Still) Tries to Distance Himself From Blacks The Root's Meera Bowman-Johnson says Tiger, who is of mixed heritage and has referred to himself as "Cablinasian," has disappointed some black Americans for years. Bowman-Johnson says his taste in women comes as no shock. "By the time he chose not to take a black woman as his bride, and married Scandinavian nanny/model Elin Nordegren instead (again, his choice), we basically had nothing left to say, but a lukewarm 'congrats.'"
  • Woods's Idea of Beauty 'Highlights Racial Attitudes'  James Joyner of the Outside the Beltway blog seems agree with Eugene Robinson on Woods's apparent ideal of beauty: "While both white and black opposition to inter-racial marriage can stem from 'cultural pride,' an undercurrent of inferiority/superiority underlies much of the angst," he writes. "And the frustration among blacks -- especially black women -- over black men marrying white women is the perception that they see themselves as "trading up" in so doing. Dating and marrying white women is seen by many as a status symbol."
  • Maybe He Just Likes Blondes? Hot Air's Ed Morrissey isn't buying Eugene Robinson's argument. "It seems to me that Tiger shockingly cheated with attractive women. And Morrissey says it's "very, very unlikely that Tiger planned his infidelities in such a way as to keep diversity as his primary motive."
  • He's Tacky The Huffington Post's Bob Franken calls Woods a "sub par" hero. "So we get to make fun of him and chortle at his taste in women, who are all from the periphery of the image game...two dimensional figures who learn how to apply enough makeup to look good and exploit that until they can't anymore and get discarded."

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