Did Tiger Cheat on the Golf Course Too?

Woods's doctor gets arrested for dealing illegal substances

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As if his extra-marital problems weren't enough, Tiger Woods has come under suspicion for being unfaithful to his other great love--golf. On Tuesday, Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea was arrested. The F.B.I. is investigating Galea for providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs. Known as a pioneer in sports medicine, specifically for his unusual techniques (including platelet-rich plasma therapy) to facilitate quick recoveries, Galea treated Woods after his knee surgery in 2008. While Woods was far from the only athlete treated by Galea, pundits refuse to give the golfer the "break" as was requested by his agent, Mark Steinberg. At AOL's Fanhouse, Jay Mariotti writes "A break? Suddenly, a world that no longer trusts Woods because of his extramarital affairs is left to wonder if he has been cheating on the golf course, too."

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