Cheers And Jeers For Marion Jones's Comeback

The fallen track star returns ... to play basketball

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15 months after her stint in federal prison, five-time Olympic track medal winner Marion Jones is making a comeback--but not as a runner. In 2007, the feted athlete lost all five Olympic track medals and was slapped with a prison sentence upon admitting to having taken steroids and lied about it. Now, the disgraced Olympian has announced that she plans on returning to competitive sports by way of professional basketball, either in the WNBA or in Europe. Sports bloggers aren't finding the choice of sport all too surprising; Jones was, after all, a scholarship player at the University of North Carolina. But what effect, if any, might the scandal-ridden Jones have on the WNBA? Here, two conflicting opinions on the matter:

  • Great Idea, says Chris Chase at Yahoo Sports. "Any press is good press for the floundering WNBA, which has seen some of its once-strong franchises (Houston, Detroit) fold or relocate in recent years." He doesn't see much of a downside: "Jones was a star before her scandal and could be again. Americans love their reclamation projects."
  • What Are They Thinking? The WNBA fan blog, Pleasant Dreams disagrees. "Is this what it's come to? Stunt casting? Hey, if you want a female who is athletic and famous," the writer quips, "get Eliza Dushku or Lucy Liu or Geena Davis--but I suspect those women are busy. Maybe you could call Lori Petty and see what she's doing."

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