Balloon Boy Dad Gets Jail Time, Twitter Explodes

What, if anything, Richard Heene's sentencing means for society

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You may have forgotten 2009's most overblown story, but the Internet hasn't. Today hoaxmaster Richard Heene, father of balloon boy Falcon Heene, was sentenced to 30 days of jail time plus 60 days work release. His wife, Mayumi, will serve 20 days in jail. Twitterites have been more than happy to provide color commentary to the sentencing, slamming the Heenes and waxing philosophical on their contributions to society.

  • Sums Up The Decade Well  SurfinDolphin7 sighs, "Line of the decade: 'We did it for the show!' Balloon Boy. Sums up the decade pretty damn well."
  • No Reality TV Show  Gawker's Ravi Somaiya reports, "[T]he judge may prevent them profiting from the incident. Reality TV producers weep."
  • Where's The Media's Jail Sentence?  CBS News reporter Mark Knoller quips, "News media gets off scott free in balloon boy incident sentencing. CNN resisting live coverage of balloon boy partents sentencing. FOX and MSNBC carrying live."
  • College Essays  BrittanyR writes, "Well, at least Balloon Boy has a good topic for his college application essays."
  • Thanks Santa!  Bob Caton jokes, "Balloon Boy's parents are going to jail? Santa DID get my letter!
  • Football Players Get Off  Swarheit scoffs, "So, NFL wide receiver Daunte Stallworth KILLS a woman while drinking and driving and gets 30 days.The balloon boy parents got more than that"
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