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Ah, Thanksgiving Eve--worst travel day of the year, occasion for apoplectic airport scenes and frustrated, hopeful Tweeting. Last year, travel hubs lay bare because of recession strains, but this year is back to normal. If you're on the move, these snapshots of mid-travel mindsets should provide some relief--or empathy--from the stress of getting home. Here's how other travelers are coping:

  • bc1way: "Finally on the plane... I got a middle seat.. Ugh! 7 hour flight ahead... Pray saints"
  • mynameiscarla: "The woman next to me on the plane home SERIOUSLY is In the WORST mood. She's openly rude to everyone...including me?"
  • pamelafox: "Watched 'time traveler's wife' on the plane. Basically an excuse to cry for an hour and a half. I never want 2 be a time traveler's wife."
  • jessforkner: "Almost three hours in the car and we're halfway there... too bad all-the-way there usually takes 2 1/2 hours. Thanksgiving traffic fail."
  • franceskelley: "Why does it take an hour and a half to de-ice a plane? wtf? I could have still been asleep. Shreveport airport FAIL."
  • jellybeansheen: "In the longest line ever @ the airport!!! I'm mad. Plus I have to touch my new sock covered feet to the dirty ground"
  • joeciarallo: "Biggest travel day of the year and NJ Transit website is down: 'We are currently performing necessary maintenance on ' #fail"
  • avatrix: "I really do hate holiday travel. 2nd flight now delayed 3 hours. Going to spend quality time in the Philadelphia airport."
  • agreatnotion: "Fantasizing about things I could do to convincingly "miss" my flight. Regret decision to go back to redneck PA for the holiday."
  • mibethune: "Been sittin at this airport for two hours and just now got the wireless to work 15 minutes before my flight starts boarding...."
  • thetaxdiva: "All that speeding and the flight is"
  • lauralollipop: "Checking into my flight online; it looks like the flight is full and they're already asking people to give up their Yikes."
  • yeongmee: "I fuckin hate little yappy dogs!!! Why is he on my flight? Who's hungry..."

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