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Left-leaning Salon gave a "thumbs up" to Sarah Palin's memoir, and Left Coaster blogger Turkana is mortified. The writer slams the online magazine for being one of "too many supposedly serious media outlets [that] fail to focus on what should be a politician's focus."

As evidence, she highlights an offending quote from Sandra Tsing-Loh's piece, in which the avowed Democrat "goes rogue" and "declares Palin's book great":

If I am giving Palin's book a thumbs up, it is qualified by the fact that, let's face it, the genre of the female political autobiography is itself in its infancy...Then again, one understands why female political books tend toward focus group-approved mottos and tasteful brooches -- women have not been in politics for very long and, even more than the men in this rabid age, if they dare utter an opinion or take a stand, they and, weirdly, also their children get media-raped and shredded.

Turkana attacks:

So, because there haven't been a lot of women on the national political stage, that means we're to grade this woman's book on a curve? And comparing Palin to Albright and Pelosi gets to the nub of what's wrong with Tsing-Loh's entire approach...Albright and Pelosi present depth and complexity. Palin does not.

She then rips apart a quote from Amanda Fortini, who begins her post for Salon by comparing Palin to "Annie Oakley":

Say what you want about Palin or her positions (and, in the past, I have), it takes scrappiness and guts to strike back at the old-boys' network that anointed you by publishing a book, so soon after the campaign, detailing your frustrations and disillusionments...We don't hear many real-life fairy-tales of American female success, which makes the few that exist intrinsically compelling.

Turkana's take-down:

We probably don't hear many real-life fairy-tales of American female success because there are no real-life fairy-tales...Palin has become wealthy and famous primarily because she is relentlessly greedy and selfish. In that, she's a good Republican, with standard Republican values. She has no apparent talent other than that of self-promotion.

Turkana gives Salon a final backhand:

We expect the corporate media to both praise and criticize Palin for the most superficial reasons. We expect better from the alternative media...Salon often is a superb website, and often defines what makes alternative media so important; but with their coverage of Palin, they are giving us much too much of more of the same.

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