Hannity and Stewart Unite: Hannity Flubbed it

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In a rare moment of consensus, conservative Fox Host Sean Hannity bowed down to liberal comedian Jon Stewart last night: "Although it pains me to say this," he began. "Jon Stewart, Comedy Central—he was right."

Stewart caught Hannity swapping event footage of a November 5 rally with footage from the more heavily attended "9/12" rally in September. During Hannity's segment he interviewed the rally's organizer Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn) who estimated that the Nov. 5 event boasted 20,000 to 45,000 demonstrators, even though the Washington Post pegged it closer to 10,000.

Last night, Hannity appologized, saying "It was an inadvertent mistake but a mistake nonetheless. So Mr. Stewart, you were right, we apologize." Before signing off, Hannity gave a winning smile, "But by the way, I want to thank you and your writers for watching."

Here's Stewart's gleeful fact checking in action:

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