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Socialism-smashing Fox News host Glenn Beck and Obama-endorsing media mogul Oprah Winfrey aren't bosom buddies. But, as Motoko Rich of the New York Times discovers, the two have one conspicuous commonality: They are really, really good at driving book sales. Their gifts span non-fiction (Oprah likes memoirs, Beck likes conservative political works) as well fiction (Oprah likes family dramas, Beck likes spy thrillers). Beyond herding the attentions of millions of readers, Beck and Oprah also increasingly dictate the output of book publishers anxious to get an on-air endorsement. Rich observes:

Virtually every novelist in America fantasizes about being picked to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. But now an increasing number of writers have discovered a new champion: Glenn Beck, the outspoken media darling of populist conservatism.


"He’s our Oprah," said Brad Thor, a writer of political thrillers who has appeared on Mr. Beck’s radio and television programs several times. "God love him, we’re very fortunate."

Beck and Oprah have, for their part, written many books themselves. Oprah has co-authored five, Beck has penned eight, four of which were released this year. Of course, Beck doesn't have an eponymous magazine, while Oprah boasts O: The Oprah Magazine as well as O At Home. Might we soon see Fox News launch B: The Glenn Beck Magazine? Only time will tell.

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