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Bud Adams, the owner of the Tennessee Titans, took unsportsmanship-like conduct to new heights Sunday, offering two celebratory middle fingers from his skybox seat. He directed the two-pronged attack at the Buffalo Bills' sideline after the Titans delivered a 41-17 victory. Football fans have gleefully spread the footage across the Internet, but the authorities that be aren't giggling. The NFL slapped Adams with a $250,000 fine calling it conduct "detrimental to the league."

Adams, 86, has since apologized, saying he was caught up in the moment: "I need to specifically apologize to the Bills, their fans, our fans and the N.F.L.” Here's what sports fans are saying:

  • Have Pity, the Titans Rarely Win, writes a blogger at Banned in Hollywood: "When two last place teams with losing records square off, you can’t expect the winning team to know proper post-game celebration etiquette, and Titan’s owner Bud Adams is no exception. Some people just aren’t used to winning and consequently don’t know how to properly celebrate."
  • Adams Deserves 'Maximum Punishment,' writes Rock Mamola at Chicago Now: "Adams has been a NFL executive since 1970 and has never won a Super Bowl.  He and Ralph Wilson are the only surviving members of bringing in an AFL team into the NFL. The man is a professional football legend, a smart businessman and without a doubt one founding father of the current NFL. Those two fingers pointed to the sky was the most immature, childish and outright crude way to show your emotions of the game.  No matter who those fingers are directed at, it's just not called for."
  • Why Haven't I Been Watching? writes Chris Albrecht at New Tee Vee: "Sheesh, what does Adams do when his team loses? If we knew football was packed with this much petty geriatric action, we’d have watched more games this season (did anyone get any points in their fantasy football league for this?)."
  • It Was Inevitable, writes Ron Hogan at Popular Fidelity: "Given the historic rivalry between Adams Titans/Houston Oilers and Ralph Wilson’s Buffalo Bills, it’s only natural that there’s some animosity between the two... owners during the AFL’s 50th Anniversary celebration."

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