AMA Warms to Marijuana Reseach

America's largest doctors organization makes a surprise announcement

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On Tuesday, the American Medical Association urged the government to give the green light to more marijuana research. The doctors organization wants to investigate medical applications, and is asking that marijuana be downgraded from its Schedule 1 drug classification--the strictest category of controlled substances, which includes heroin and PCP.

The AMA tried to downplay the announcement, reiterating that it doesn't support the medical-marijuana programs currently permitted in 13 states. Of course, that didn't stop the hallelujahs from medical marijuana activists. As The Raw Story reports:

Aaron Houston, director of government relations for the Marijuana Policy Project, calls the move "historic" all the same, noting that it comes from "what has historically been America's most cautious and conservative major medical organization."

"It's been 72 years since the AMA has officially recognized that marijuana has both already-demonstrated and future-promising medical utility," said medical student Sunil Aggarwal in a press statement from Americans for Safe Access. Aggarwal has been spearheading the effort by the AMA's youth wing to change the organization's attitude towards marijuana.

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