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It's clear from his batting record that Alex Rodriguez does not horse around. Apparently the Yankees slugger takes his work ethic to heart...or at least to art. As Us Weekly reports, A-Rod has not one, but two portraits of himself as a centaur. Always reliable for insta-snark, twitter is ablaze with reaction to the news, including a new twitter account credited to A-Rod, called IAmCentaur (possibly created by a Phillies fan?). Here, the ten best A-Rod Centaur tweets.

  • tehdingo An ex-girlfriend has said Alex Rodriguez has pictures of himself painted as a centaur. OK, the Yankees can have the series now. I'm good
  • bigdumbradio i'm going to dress up as an A-Rod Centaur for Halloween next year
  • GYR8  A centaur? Not griffin? RT @pourmecoffee A-Rod clip-clops to first base on that walk.
  • FixYourLife Imagining A.Rod as a centaur is fun...imagining him as a centaur on steroids is epic. The muscle tone in his horse half must be insane.
  • glennbirkemeier Phillies fans, I expect A-Rod centaur signs tonight.
  • katierosman "A-Rod Isn't Clutch" meme is dead. Long live "A-Rod as Centaur."
  • keithmarder A-Rod has a portrait of himself as a Centaur, from Greek myths - 1/2 horse 1/2 human. Here's hoping 4 Kate Hudson the horse is the bottom 1/2
  • AlanWare A-Rod, A-Fool, A-Centaur?
  • DanimalEvans I hate the Yankees, but will forever love A Rod for the fact that he has a mural of himself as a Centaur
  • danberth So A-Rod's new nickname absolutely has to be The Centaur now, right?

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