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In an abrupt resignation, CNN host Lou Dobbs has left his network to be replaced by "State of the Union" host John King. Many take the move as a sign of CNN's commitment to straight, non-partisan reporting (to distinguish the network from Fox News and MSNBC). In honor of the image overhaul, the Wire has compiled a selection of the most opinionated, gleefully tendentious and occasionally polemical Lou Dobbs moments of the last few years.

  1. "You're trying to tear apart the First Amendment"  Dobbs has long been the scourge of immigrant advocacy groups in the U.S. who criticize him of scapegoating undocumented workers and spreading "hispanophobia." In a particularly heated scrap, Dobbs takes on Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group.
  2. "One of These Cotton..." In this interview with Wolf Blitzer, Dobbs criticizes Condoleezza Rice for saying America had a "birth defect" due to its stance on slavery. At the peak of his frustration, he seems to nearly call Rice a "cotton picker" but cuts himself off.
  3. "A Little Liberal Lilly" Rebuking the Los Angeles Times for criticizing CNN's election coverage, Dobbs describes one of the paper's columns as a "personal, elitist, out of touch column by a hack liberal advocate posing as a media critic."

  4. "Coven of Thugs" Venting his distaste for MSNBC, Dobbs mulls over the perfect invective for the station.
  5. "Blood Sucking Leftist"  Dobbs says of Howard Dean: "You've got to put a stake through his heart to stop this guy."
  6. "You're Yelling, and You're Getting Awful Excited"  Calls for Dobbs' resignation reached a peak when he began demanding that President Obama present his birth certificate to prove he was born in Hawaii. In this clip, Dobbs tells syndicated columnist Roland Martin, who's irate about Dobbs's questioning, to pipe down:

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