Blowing Up Limbaugh's Head

Chris Matthews fantasizes about killing the talk radio host

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Tuesday morning on MSNBC, Chris Matthews compared Rush Limbaugh to James Bond villain Mr. Big from Live and Let Die. "In the end," Matthew said, "they jam a big CO2 pellet in his face and he blew up." Matthews thinks "Rush Limbaugh is looking more and more like Mr. Big, and at some point somebody's going to jam a CO2 pellet into his head and he's going to explode like a giant blimp." Frankly, he can't wait: "we'll be there to watch. ... Are you watching, Rush?"

Conservatives weren't about to let that go unremarked:

  • If This Had Been a Liberal "If someone on Fox had offered this kind of fantasy musing ... about ... say, Keith Olbermann," Hot Air's Ed Morrissey begins, "[t]he Left would have screamed about fascism and brownshirts, and of crypto-signaling for assassinations and the like." And Matthews isn't even "using the dishonest 'some people are saying' dodge here, either. He's openly wistful" regarding Limbaugh's someday explosion.
  • Completely Hypocritical, pronounces Ace at Ace of Spades HQ. "This from a guy who just a few weeks ago was ranting about the undercurrents of incitement to political violence on the right wing." Also, while on the subject of liberal accusations, Ace points out that by comparing Limbaugh to Kotto, Matthews essentially "calls Rush Limbaugh black." Think that's stupid? No stupider, says Ace, than recent liberal condemnation of a blogger using a picture of a raccoon to illustrate a post about Obama's Nobel prize.
  • Matthews Must Be Desperate "That closing 'are you watching, Rush?" was the giveaway," writes Mark Finkelstein at NewsBusters. "Matthews, whose anemic ratings trail even Rachel Maddow's in the MSNBC line-up, is desperately hoping someone--anyone--is watching ... all's apparently fair in love and ratings in Matthews' mind."
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