Blagojevich's 'Celebrity Apprentice' Debut

Critics are delighted that the disgraced former governor will go face-to-face with Donald Trump

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In a move that's bedeviling federal prosecutors but will surely delight reality TV fans, disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is appearing on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" program. Prosecutors complain that Blagojevich's appearance on the show could prejudice potential jurors during his criminal trial in June. But yesterday, a federal judge gave the former Illinois governor the go-ahead. Needless to say, the prospect of seeing Blagojevich and Trump face-to-face on the small screen has the commentariat buzzing:

  • You've Got to Be Kidding, says Julie Mason: "Really, Blago? And more to the point: Really, Donald Trump? Cue heavy sigh, obligatory references to 15 minutes and general speculation about incarceration."
  • It Was Destiny, writes Susan Davis at the Wall Street Journal: "The governor seems like a natural fit for a show with celebrity-sized egos based on scheming against the people you work with for money."
  • What a Disgrace, writes Garrard McClendon at Chicago Now: "He should not be allowed on The Apprentice. Sure, he needs to make a living for his family, but he and the Donald would have a hair fight that would surely taint the jury pool. Look for the brunette brush to be fired before he even gets to say hello to Mr. Trump. How long will it take for us to get Blagojevich to trial? Whether he is guilty or not guilty, we should not have to see the former governor applying for jobs on reality shows with his wife. This gives public officials a bad name. Try convenience stores Rod."
  • I Can't Wait! writes a blogger at Ledaro: "It is going to be some show to watch. The battle of big egos... Any other man would have gone to pieces by now but this guy has a lot of resolve and perseverance. This particular version of the series will be fun to watch.
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