Are Web Series the Future of TV?

The Emmys highlight the challenge that traditional TV faces to remain relevant

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Reacting to the 2009 Emmy Awards, Greg Mitchell of the Huffington Post raises an interesting question about the future of television:

How much longer until Web series, which also have limited runs, but without commercials, start [to] supplant TV series -- if the online shows continue to improve, add star and creative power, and expand by leaps and bounds.

Mitchell confesses a personal stake in the matter: His son is the creator of a forthcoming web-series called "MacAwesome," set to premiere this fall.

Is Mitchell's vision of the future of television a plausible one? Will the internet replace broadcast TV as the primary launching pad for new show concepts? Will big-name actors propel the genre into the mainstream, or is that just a pipe dream? On that last note, here's an example of a star-studded comedy series that debuted on the internet but never quite took off. Was it just before its time? Convince us of your view below.

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