Who Says We Never Hear Any Good News About Journalism?

Beijing is all aflutter over the liang hui, or 两会, right now. These are the simultaneous dual meetings of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. It'a all very exciting: Security goes up, Internet goes down, many inspiring speeches and news reports to reflect upon. Plus this journalistic tradition that I mentioned last year:


In a time of transition for journalism all around the world, it's reassuring to know that some of the old ways endure. Here's the People's Daily today:


Plus another shot of the same young reporter (shown in an entire slide show but identified throughout only as "beautiful journalist") catching up on the latest news via social media:


I may head down to the Twin Meetings area in Tiananmen later today in hopes of inspiring a followup: "Battered but Distinguished-looking Journalist of a Certain Age Reports on CPPCC." China, land of dreams.