'Beautiful Journalists': The BS-Detector Angle

Two days ago I mentioned the venerable and Onion-esque Chinese media practice of featuring various "beautiful journalists" who are covering the big-deal political conferences underway now in Beijing. A sample from this year's installment in People's Daily:

Thumbnail image for PeopleDaily2013.png

My friend Adam Minter -- of Shanghai Scrap, Bloomberg, and the forthcoming Junkyard Planet -- reminds me that I have been away from China long enough that my BS-detector instincts have atrophied. He writes:
In regard to the People's Daily slideshow with the seven images of the lone "beautiful" journo - I'd bet a couple of rounds that it's a paid placement, designed to boost her career prospects (note how the images are mostly posed). No need to include her name - the right people will know who she is.

wang-zifei-obama-shanghai-town-hall1.gifThis is pretty common stuff these days. Alternatively, there's the very real possibility that a paramour might have paid to have these placed as a sort of flattering gift. That's not without precedent -  recall that during Obama's first China trip in 2009 there was a big online kerfuffle over the identity of a very attractive young woman [JF: gif at right] seated behind him during his q&a with students. Later turned out that a wealthy boyfriend arranged for her to be seated there, and paid off some photogs [more than $15,000 at current rates, > $12,500 at the time] to get good images that would be published in Chinese media. Pretty standard stuff, and I'm guessing something similar is happening with this slide show, and many similar on PD.

Of course he's right. I'll have to get back in the game.