Starbucks Wants to Get You Your Caffeine Fix Faster Than Ever Before

The company is planning smaller stores for urban locations, where Drive-Thrus are not an option.

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Starbucks has a very important announcement for the caffeine finds of New York City: express stores are coming.

In a press release issued by the coffee bean king this morning, the company explained that the new express stores are a whole new platform for Starbucks, a faster, more efficient way to deliver java to America's least patient citizens. The test location in New York — opening early next year — will allow Starbucks to learn about tailoring store designs for locations.

The smaller stores are meant for increasingly urban Starbucks locations, where Drive-Thrus are not an option. At many locations in New York, rush hour at the Bux already involves a two barista system, in which one barista takes the customer's order in line, and sends the order via headset to another. It is unclear if the express stores will continue to rely on this system, or if the menu will be any different.

The shops will be smaller than the norm with an all new, undisclosed design. Cliff Burrows, Starbucks U.S. president, said, "The evolution of our store experience is a direct reflection of how our customers are interested in both accessibility to the brand as well as speed and convenience. Our scale affords us the unique opportunity to bring a flexible portfolio of options rooted in our core commitment to coffee quality."

The company is also planning a second new store format, the "Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room," that will specialize in premium, small-lot coffees.

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