Report: Procter & Gamble Pulls Sponsorship of NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

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The NFL continues to successfully alienate just about, well, everyone. Today, a source told CBS Sports that mega company (and mega sponsor) Procter & Gamble is allegedly planning to abandon the NFL Breast Cancer Awareness campaign due to the unpleasantries surrounding the league.

Crest (owned by P&G) was a main part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They were planning a "significant, league-wide initiative" which included making players from every NFL team official "ambassadors" of BCA. (Complete with pink, Crest sponsored mouth guards and a flurry of social media activity.)

Though P&G no longer wants to take part in the campaign, they will still donate the funds they set assigned for research as planned.

Since 2009, the NFL has dedicated a month each season to supporting awareness for the disease, in which they make everything from the stadiums signs to jerseys to shoes in a shade of pink. The campaign has been criticized as a money-making operation for the league, which has donated only $4.5 million to breast cancer research since that time. (The NFL brings in about $9 billion a year in revenue.) Since 2009, the NFL has earned roughly $45 billion, so that's .0001 of their revenue going to the cause they spent a collective five months promoting. As for all that pink merch they sell, only eight percent of the money fans spend on it ends up going to breast cancer research.

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