Pizza Hut Introduces 'Skinny' Slice ... and Bacon Crust Stuffed Pizza

The Hut is all about pizza diversity. Pizzversity.

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Pizza Hut is all about pizza diversity. Pizzversity, if you will. The week, the chain pizza joint introduced their newest concoction, the Skinny Slice. A few short weeks ago, they launched the bacon stuffed crust pizza.

The Skinny Slice is being tested in Ohio and Florida, and while it uses the same ingredients as a normal Pizza Hut pizza, the thinner crust and lighter toppings make it distinctly lower fat. The Skinny Slice is 210 calories, 30 percent less than their regular slice, which is almost 300 calories.

Doug Terfehr told USA Today, "It may be attractive to a customer who might not be including pizza in their regular choice of meals. We're always trying to find ways to appeal to a broader audience without taking away what our core audience loves about us."

Strangely, though, the Skinny Slice pizza is only sold by the pie. So it is more accurately the Skinny Pie (but let's not kid ourselves, pie is never skinny). It's the same price as a regular pie, $11. While the Skinny Slice might be Pizza Hut's most PR friendly product, the actually released a couple very, very not skinny menu options recently.

In late August, Pizza Hut welcomed the Bacon Stuffed Crust pizza. Here's the caloric breakdown for this delicious monostrity pizza:

So, a regular cheese slice with a bacon stuffed crust is only 130 calories more than the Skinny Slice. But plot twist: a Skinny Slice pizza can have up to five toppings on it and still remain under 300 calories a slice. A five topping bacon cheese stuffed crust pizza would be off the calorific charts.

While we can appreciate Pizza Hut's attempt at being healthy, let's just remember that this is the same company that stuffed a chili cheese hot dog in a crust and thought that was just fine:

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