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Shantel Jackson, Floyd Mayweather Junior's ex-fiance, has filed a variety of charges against the undefeated boxer. In a lawsuit filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Jackson alleges invasion of privacy, assault, battery, defamation, false imprisonment and civil harassment. She is seeking damages and is represented by infamous attorney Gloria Allred. 

After the relationship turned abuse, Jackson became pregnant and terminated in January 2014. In May, Mayweather posted an image of the sonogram Jackson had sent him on social media with the following message:

Jackson has offered a brief statement to the Los Angeles Times on the matter and has not replied for further comment, "I loved Floyd deeply, but he continued to disappoint and intentionally hurt me. ... I have been embarrassed and humiliated more than I can ever imagine by Floyd, whom I once called my best friend and fiancée. It was with a heavy heart that I finally realized the only way to set the record straight and achieve justice for what he has done to me, is filing this lawsuit.”

This is not Mayweather's first brush with domestic abuse allegations. In 2012, he served two months in jail for violence against Josie Harris, the mother of two of his children. 

The announcement of his lawsuit comes one week before Mayweather is set to fight Marcos Maidana. Mayweather is currently undefeated, 46-0, with 26 knockouts. Maidana is 35-4 with 31 knockouts. This is a highly anticipated fight which is expected to bring pay-per-view eyes from around the country. Though Mayweather has not commented on the lawsuit, it will without a doubt weigh on his mind on fight day.

Difficult emotional situations haven't affected Mayweather's fighting skills in the past. In his first fight against Maidana, Mayweather Senior, his coach and father, said, "Something was on Floyd’s mind that day and the Lord is my witness. He finally came around and told us all what it was about."

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